Czech Medical Center

Czech Medical Center is an official gateway for patients from abroad seeking the professional health care of the University Hospital Brno.

We are pleased to be able to provide comprehensive spinal surgery for children and adult patients. We are the largest centre for the treatment of pediatric scoliosis in Central Europe. We also specialise in the treatment of degenerative spinal conditions and primary and metastasized spinal tumors.

Our orthopedic teams are able to replace most major joints using the most up to date procedures and special implants. Annually, we perform in excess of 800 operations of this type.

We carry out numerous arthroscopic (keyhole) operations daily. Many of these include ligament replacement and repairing cartilage defects either with artificial implants or self-harvested chondrocytes.

Our cardiology centre is among the largest and most advanced in the world. We perform both emergency and routine heart operations on a daily basis. These can often include catheterizations, implantation of cardio stimulators (pacemakers) and defibrillators. Finally, we offer the possibility of radio frequency ablation, using the latest monitoring equipment for patients with impaired heart rhythms.

So why exactly would you wish to choose us? Surgical procedures on the spine, joints, brain and treatment for heart conditions need to be carried out in hospitals which have an extensive and well developed safety and support structure.

Here at the Czech Medical Center we are supported by one of the biggest University hospitals in Central Europe, 4 anesthesiology departments, a separate transfusion ward, a cell tissue center, and much more besides.

Czech Medical Centre is here for you

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiry. If necessary we can arrange for one of our doctors to contact you directly. All consultations prior to admission are without obligation and completely free of charge.

We understand that your health is of vital importance.
We endeavour to exceed your expectations.
We will provide you with world class health care.

Why have Treatment in the Czech Republic with CMC?


According to the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is the sixth most secure country in the world. The ranking is regularly compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Multi Lingual staff

Many of our physicians, nurses and support staff speak English and various other languages in addition to Czech and Slovak. For your peace of mind, we will equip you with a tablet with a translation application for the duration of your treatment.

Masaryk university

The University Hospital Brno works in partnership with The Masaryk University. This ensures a very high level of care and expertise at all levels.

Top hospital

The University Hospital Brno was awarded first place in Europe, with a NIAHOSM certificate. (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organisations) It guarantees a high level of care and safety. In addition our hospital is regularly audited by other organisations whose strict criteria is also met.


Our waiting times are affected by two factors. Firstly, the capacity of our operating theatres and secondly the availability of beds. We are always keen to ensure that our clients are afforded high degree of privacy and comfort for the duration of their stay. We always endeavour to provide any additional necessities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Top Doctors

We are your gateway to a team of top doctors from the University Hospital Brno, many of whom are involved in continuous training and development programs. Several times a year, our doctors are regularly asked to perform highly specialized surgeries in countries such as South Africa, Poland, and Lithuania.

We Provide the highest level of satisfactioncare & services to our patients.

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