2004 Certification in orthopedics and Traumatology
1995-2001 3. Medical fakulty, Charles University in Prague
1991-1995 High school, Volgogradská 6a, Ostrava
1983-1991 Primary school, 29 dubna, Ostrava
Other courses:
May 2007 Low Back Pain (Spine Society of Europe)
April 2006 The AO course for doctors
May 2004 Immobilization
2001- till today orthopedic dpt., University Hospital Brno
1998-2001 University Prague, student work - internal medicine department
1998-2000 Ambulance -Municipal hospital Ostrava, summer practice
1996 Language Internship in UK

He has spent a lot of time in the hospital since childbirth, he walked many miles with crutches, his mother was a dermatologist, and his grandfather founded the Institute of Microbiology of the University Hospital Olomouc, these are all reasons why he wanted to become orthopedic since his 5 years of age.

He graduated from the Third Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague, started working at the orthopedic department of University Hospital Brno and began to be interested in the issue of joint replacements. Because of his efforts, he became the head of the endoprosthetic team.

In the past, he has seen great interest in treatment from abroad patients, but the conditions in the hospital were not ideal. Therefore, in cooperation with the management of the University Hospital Brno, he founded the Czech Medical Center, which is now the "gateway" for abroad patients. The current care of the self-employed is due to his approach and care at a completely different level. Are you looking for help? In this case, Dr. Burda is right person for you.

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