Deputy Head of the orthopedic dept., University hospital Brno, for Spondylosurgery
English, Russian, Polish
1984 Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University, Olomouc
1987 1st degree attestation of orthopedics and traumatology
1992 attestation II. degrees of orthopedics and traumatology
Postgraduate education:
2008 Dissertation: Treatment of degenerative diseases spinal column by the method of dynamic neutralization by the systém Dynesys - Ph.D.
Membership in Companies:
1987 Czech Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology 1999 Czech Spondylo-Surgical Society
2015 Czech Oncological Society
1999 - Founding member and member of the Committee of the Czech Spondylo-Surgical Society
2002 - Vice-chairman of the Czech Spondylo-Surgical Society
2005 - Scientific Secretary of the Czech Spondylo-Surgical Society
2014 - called expert spondyloonology program in Slovakia
2015 - Chairman of the spondyloonkological section of the Czech Cancer Society
2016 - President of the Czech Spondylo Surgical Society
Degenerative spine diseases, oncological spondylo-surgery spinal diseases, non-fusion techniques, spondylolysis
1990 Orthopedic Clinic Frankfurt, Germany
11992 Department of Neurosurgery, Hradec Králové
2000 Orthopedic Clinic, Columbia, Missouri, USA

Presentations and publications:

83 lectures at national and international level

11 chapters in professional books

56 professional publications as author and co-author in printed publications

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