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Why have Treatment in the Czech Republic with CMC?

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Are you worried about your health and safety abroad? In the Czech Republic, you do not have to.

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Top hospital

University Hospital Brno is the second largest hospital in the Czech Republic.

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English-speaking staff

In addition to Czech and Slovak, you can also communicate with us in English or Russian.

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We do our best for our patients. This also applies to the environment in which you will be staying.

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We are constantly improving ourselves and passing on our knowledge and experience to foreign doctors.

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Masaryk university

We pass our knowledge on to medics from the Czech Republic and abroad

How to get more information?

For treatment options, terms and conditions, timing and price quotes or any other information, please contact Czech Medical Center by phone +420 603 183 850, e-mail

We guarantee response to your inquiry within 24 hours and a complete treatment offer including pricing within 72 hours.